Bank Heist this Thursday…

Yes!  This week you get to stop a bank heist, if you join us at the club.  Kris and Jay are putting together a great scenario for our bi-weekly USPSA/IDPA Action Pistol Practice.  So bring your gear (pistol & strong side holster, 3 magazines & a mag holder) and be prepared to become a hero.

Second, we’ll be also practicing some standard pistol drills (a.k.a. classifiers) to hone our skills.

Third, we’ll celebrate the end of July with a 32 round count USPSA long course “Stage 8: You’ve captured their stunt doubles!”, ripped right out of the playbook from the 2014 Indiana State Championship match!

Now that you are excited here are some more details:

Recommended Gear:
  • We’ll be using Practiscore to score.   Scoring will be USPSA method (total points shot / shooting time = Hitfactor.  Higher hitfactor is  better)uspsa-target-with-scoring1
  • $5 for members.
  • Each member may bring one guest (add $5).
  • Registration starts at 5:45 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.
  • At 6 p.m. we’ll have a short safety briefing before we start shooting.
  • email




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USPSA/IDPA practice night

Thanks to Gary, Larry, Steve and Kris for setting up the stages on Thursday.  If you weren’t able to make it out this time we hope to see you next time.  Below is a video of our practice night.


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Action Pistol Practice Night Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s Action Pistol Practice.  If you are wondering what gear to bring here is a list (if you don’t have something bring what you have):

  • Handgun 9mm or larger
  • 3 magazines or more
  • Holster that fits the handgun and two mag pouches (or a double mag pouch)
  • 100 rounds of ammo (or more)
  • Member’s cost $5.-

If you have more gear bring more and maybe you can help out a fellow shooter by lending him/her some gear.  I’ve posted a example good starter gear below. Any Questions?  Just shoot me an e-mail at .  Hope to see you tomorrow night at 6!



P.S. Even if you just plan on watching, bring your gear!

P.P.S. More information can be found in the original post HERE.



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Fall Hunter Safety Class


Here are the details for the fall Hunter Safety course.

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Action Pistol Practice Night (every other Thursday)


Gary Rollenhagen and I, Rob Woodhouse, along with several other volunteers (Kris, Steve, Larry) are setting up an Action Pistol Practice Night on every other Thursday starting July 17th at 6 p.m.  Every member is welcome regardless of your experience level.  This will be good practice for anyone that just wants to improve their gun handling ability and train for self-defense or competition.   The cost is $3 for members.

More information about the two major Action Pistol disciplines can be found at or  Again, you don’t have to have previous experience, just the drive and will to be a better gun handler.

Here is a introduction to IDPA video:

Here is a introduction to USPSA video:

If you are interested in shooting at a full blown match, show up and we can tell you which weekends nearby clubs have IDPA or USPSA events that you can attend.  You don’t have to be a member of the clubs that host sanctioned events.  However, you may have to be a member of either USPSA or IDPA to shoot a match.  Matches are generally $20, plus the cost of ammunition (which you have to bring to the match – reloads are permitted).

Hope to see you soon,


P.S. If you are interested in helping set up stages prior to the practice, please contact me and/or Gary Rollenhagen.  Thanks!


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New Rifle Stands and Benches!

Next time you see Larry Postema, please thank him for his dedication to improving the shooting stands and benches.   Larry initiated this improvement project and with the support of Kris and the board we were able to fund the upgrade.  Thanks to everyone who helped build the benches.

On a similar note, Larry is looking to start a rimfire (.22lr) bench rest shooting league.  The goal is to have a small group of members that get together and have some friendly competition.    If you ever wanted to see how your shooting skills stack up against others or you just want to improve, this is a good way to get started.  All ages are welcome. Due to the .22lr shortage the round count will be kept low.  For more details please email Larry at .  





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New shooting range benches, Meijer State games range closings, etc.

New Shooting Benches

We are replacing the old shooting range table bench combos with new designs from Larry Postema.  We need help putting these new benches together and are looking for volunteers to help out for a couple of hours.  If you are  willing to help please contact:

KRIS BLANCHARD 616-648-9374

Sample pictures of the new benches:








































Meijer State Games range closings

On June 21st, we are once again hosting the Meijer State Games at Sparta Hunting and Fishing Club.  That day all ranges will be closed from 8 a.m. to dusk.  Please make a note of it!

 Turkey Shoot Rifle/Pistol Event ideas

Your ideas are needed!  We are looking to setup some pistol/rifle shooting events for the next Turkey Shoot in September.  The goal is to have each event support 5 participants.  The winner will receive points toward a prize similar to a shotgun events.  Email your ideas to:

ROB WOODHOUSE 616-606-0770



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Morrie’s Memorial Stone

Morrie’s memorial stone has been set. It is near the flagpole by the club house, which is a setting he would definitely appreciate.  Pictures are below:







































Thanks to Larry Postema for the pictures.

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We LIKE Associate Members…but we LOVE Full Members

First, let us welcome our new Associate Members:  Derek Bullen, Herb Bergstrom, Matt Migoski, Charles Pinkelman, Dustin Fant, Thomas Bouwens, Scott Mercer, Zack Zoodsma, & Brian Anderson.


If you are one of our recently renewed 2014 Associate Members, please make it a resolution be become a Full Member NOW!  Sparta Hunting and Fishing Club wants to encourage all their Associate Members to take that extra step and make the club their home away from home. Full Member benefits include:
  • Sense of ownership and pride in the club
  • Camaraderie with other club members
  • Voting Rights
  • Use of the Club House
  • Children and grandchildren are eligible for a drawing to attend MUCC Kids Camp
  • …and, as an added bonus, your membership fee is reduced to only $50 a year!
Just working on a few projects or events around the club can earn you the title and joy of being a “Full Member”.  Are you ready to get started?  Here is your check list on how to become a full member:
  • Attend at least three (3) meetings in a year (held at the first Tuesday of the month @ 7 p.m. in the club house)
  • Work 20 hours at Club related events
  • If unable to attend 3 club meetings one can work an additional 5 hours at Club related events
Here are some examples on how you can easily make the quota:
  1. Help with trap shoots (stock the thrower, run the thrower, etc. )
  2. Help with Special Events (e.g. Turkey Shoot, ATA shoot, Hunter Safety)
  3. See something that needs to be done around the club?  If you take care of it you can get credit for it, by either entering your work hours on the Monthly Work Sheet located inside the club house, or emailing your hours to Karen Seites (
  4. Work on Special Projects (e.g. Range Improvement or other Club improvements)

Email Sue Blackall at and let her know that you are interested in becoming a full member and she’ll get you started!


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Welcome to Sparta Hunting and Fishing Club. We have activities for the whole family! Please join us on a tour of the club or discover more about our club on the CLUB INFO page!


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