Meijer State Games of MI 3D event

SHFC is proud to once again host this year’s 3D event.  Line times are Friday 5pm, Saturday 8:00am, 11:30am and 3pm.  Walk ins welcome.  Info at:

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Reminder!  Range closures….

All ranges with the exception of the 3D course will be closed after 5pm on Friday and all day Saturday during the Meijer State Games of Michigan 3D event.

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APPN: Results

Thanks to Gary for designing some challenging stages again. I’ve received overwhelming positive feedback *again* from many.  We’ve had many new shooters that experienced the “USPSA way” tonight and as always if you want some more guidance on the sport don’t hesitate to reach out to Gary or me (  I also want to thank our regulars (you know who you are 🙂 )who make each APP Night successful!  It’s a volunteer sport and we could not do it without you!

Here are the results:

Match Results – Combined
Place Name USPSA Class Division PF Lady Mil Law For Age Match Pts Match %
1 Woodhouse, Rob B L MAJOR 498.1422 100.0000 %
2 Rollenhagen, Gary B O MAJOR Super Senior 432.3609 86.7947 %
3 Chirco, John U O MINOR 408.6786 82.0405 %
4 Kamphuis, Aaron U L MAJOR 356.9988 71.6660 %
5 Cramer, Kevin U O MINOR Senior 342.7992 68.8155 %
6 Grover, David A P MINOR Senior 308.0529 61.8404 %
7 schutt, mike U P MINOR Senior 283.6740 56.9464 %
8 King, Terry U L MINOR 279.7674 56.1622 %
9 Marsh, Jeremy U L MINOR 272.6338 54.7301 %
10 Blanchard, Kris U L MINOR 241.0187 48.3835 %
11 Hann, Bob U P MINOR 211.7324 42.5044 %
12 trutsch, Blake U P MINOR 165.3506 33.1935 %
13 Hopper, Loyd U O MAJOR 161.0665 32.3334 %
14 Wier, John D U L MINOR Senior 154.5104 31.0173 %
15 Taylor, Travis U L MINOR 128.7548 25.8470 %
16 Cull, Phil U L MINOR 93.0597 18.6814 %
17 Deminck, Chuck U L MINOR 87.6837 17.6021 %
18 Vanoeveren, Jack U L MINOR 85.3850 17.1407 %
19 Dixon, Dan U L MINOR 52.9534 10.6302 %
20 Taber, Ron U SS MAJOR 13.3053 2.6710 %

Tonight’s Pictures:

20160616_181017 20160616_173627 20160616_173635 20160616_173739 20160616_173806 20160616_181009 20160616_181013


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June/July Youth Shooting Opportunities


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June Newsletter


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3Gun Match results

Thanks to everyone that came out today, helped with setup and had fun with the match.  Here are the results :


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Father’s Day ATA shoot @ SHFC!


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APP: Results

Thanks to all that came out, here are the results:

Here are some pictures:

20160602_195716 20160602_195710 20160602_191705 20160602_191703 20160602_174910 20160602_174856 20160602_174745 20160602_174719

Here is Blake’s video:

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3-Gun Sunday and Action Pistol (USPSA) Thursday

3-Gun Sunday is right around the corner! If you have a good source for plastic barrels please call me @ 616-606-0770, we could use extra for Sunday.

3-Gun Setup Plan:

  • We will do some wall setup on Saturday at 6 p.m.  Helpers will be rewarded with non-monetary rewards (camaraderie, couple seconds off the overall score, looking the other way on the occasional no-shoot, etc.)
  • If you want to get together before the shoot we’ll meet at the local breakfast place called Maxine’s at 7:15 a.m.  Map to Maxine’s
  • Sunday setup will start 8 a.m.  If you are helping on Sunday please send me an email @ .  That way we know if we need to pull double duty on Saturday.
  • Plan on 100 pistol rounds, 100 rifle rounds and 100 Shotgun rounds.  Some pistol ammo and shotgun ammo is available at the club house.  If you want to shoot “heavy metal”, 45ACP and .308 Rife and 12ga Pump shotgun, you certainly can!  This means you only have to shoot each target once with rifle and pistol.  I’ve added that division to the registration form or I can change it when you come to the match.


Thursday Action Pistol/USPSA night:

  • Setup starts around 3 p.m.  (Thanks Gary Rollenhagen, Larry Postema, Dan Dixon and the rest of the squad!)
  • Registration starts at 5:45 p.m.
  • Shoot starts at 6:00 p.m.
  • If you are a someone that is still working toward retirement and can’t leave work until 5 p.m., pre-registration is your friend.  Show up, pay and give me your squad # and you are all set.  Here is the link for Thursday’s match:




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Clubhouse closed on Sunday


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