USPSA Action Pistol

Starting in May and ending in October we have a USPSA Practice night. It is held on the every other Thursday starting May 2nd, 2019. Mandatory safety meeting is at 6:00 pm and the match begins after that. There will be four stages set up and the round count per stage will vary from 16 to 32 rounds. Targets consist of USPSA paper, steel poppers, steel plates, drop turners, maxtraps and bobbers.

If you have never been to a USPSA shoot, don’t worry. If you like to shoot, we will help you through the course of fire safely and make it an enjoyable time. You draw from your holster and move though the course of fire shooting at targets as they become visible. You don’t need a special gun, although using a six shot revolver or a small carry gun on a 32 round stage will require a lot of reloading. You may also use a Pistol Caliber Carbine/Rifle (PCC), which fires a pistol caliber round such as the 9mm, which is the most popular. Equipment needed is a strong side holster*, chamber flag and gun case for PCC, mag holders, and enough mags to get through a 32 round stage. Be prepared for “make up shots” in case you miss a target, so carrying extra rounds is advisable.

* Cross draw and shoulder holsters are strictly prohibited. Law Enforcement issued leg holsters may be worn by the person it was issued to for duty use.

Sparta Hunting and Fishing Club runs a cold range, which means that no loaded firearms may be carried during the match in the competitor or parking area, unless under the supervision of a range officer. All unloaded firearms may be carried in a holster or case. Only in the safe table area you may handle your firearm, check function, and transfer it from case to holster and vice versa. Handling ammunition in the safe table area is strictly prohibited. Magazines and speed loaders may be handled anywhere except the safe table area.

Example of the minimum equipment to bring. Strong side holster, 3 magazines with a 15+ round capacity and magazine holder and well serviced firearm. We recommend that you bring about 150 rounds, although will probably not use that many. Don’t forget to wear a good belt when you come.