Dear Proud Members of SHFC-

We sometimes forget… Until now the hours worked form was protected by the old gate code, but now has been updated to the new one. If you have any hours that were not tracked, please make sure you account for them here. You will be surprised how quickly your hours maintaining and improving the club will add up to a $75 discount in your membership cost. If cost is not a factor for you, we still hope that you will take pride in the club and help us maintain it for yourself and others.

Even if you don’t want to take credit for hours worked, please:

1. Help empty trash containers into the dumpster if they are getting full.

2. Throw broken pistol/rifle range backer boards into the dumpster.

3. Pickup range trash and throw it away.

4. Dispose of large cardboard targets into the dumpster.

5. Perform other general maintenance to keep the club clean.

Thanks for being a proud member of SHFC. Please treat the club with respect and leave it better than you found it!

Thank you!