Month: October 2019

2019 Final USPSA Match

We want to thank all of the people that came out and help setup this special USPSA match. It was a great match experience, great stages with excellent production value along with the camaraderie we all share. Thanks to Igor for breaking out the 360deg camera and recording parts of the match. If you would…
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USPSA final match today…

Today is the last USPSA shoot for the year! If you were on the fence about coming out, we have beautiful weather and 6 challenging stages. Match starts at 11am. Reminder: All pistol ranges are closed until 3 pm.

Pistol Ranges are closed until 3 p.m. this Saturday.

Due to a special Pistol Action Shooting event on Saturday, the pistol ranges will be closed until 3 pm. Please adjust your shooting schedules accordingly. Rifle range will be open. Sincerely, Sparta Hunting and Fishing Club