ATA / AIM Youth Trapshooting

Course Objective:

The Sparta H&F Club is providing an opportunity to young trap shooters ( ages 10 to 23 ) to participate in the  (ATA) Amateur Trapshooting Association’s Official (AIM) Academics-Integrity-MarksmanshipTrapshooting program.

Members of AIM will enjoy the thrill of shooting registered competition on a level playing field  as a team and as a individual. The purpose of AIM is to provide a safe and positive experience with shotguns and registered trapshooting for youth, elementary school through collage age.

AIM encourages good sportsmanship and personal responsibility through competition while establishing the foundation to make trapshooting a lifelong avocation.

Team Member Requirements:

Parent or Guardian must be a member of Sparta H&F Club $100.00 a Year Jan. 1st. to Dec. 31st.

The ATA / AIM  Schedule:

Coaching help available Sundays year round April – October.

Official Team Classes:  Run from April thru October.


Wayne Outen (616) 401-3844 & Steve Falk (616) 340-4654

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