Action Pistol Practice (USPSA, IDPA, 3GUN)


Every other week on Thursday (May-Sept) we host a Action Pistol Practice Shoot at SHFC.  The goal is provide an avenue for new shooters to be inducted in to the USPSA, IDPA or 3-Gun sport or for experienced shooters to hone their skills.  The cost to participate is $10.- .

Gear Needed:

  • A pistol, revolver in good working condition
  • Enough magazines to shoot at least 32 rounds
    • If you shoot a 1911 bring at least 4 magazines
    • If you shoot a Glock 17/34 bring at least 3 magazines
    • If you shoot a M&P bring at least 3 magazines
    • the point being that you need to most likely shoot 32 rounds, plus any make-up shoots during the longest course of fire.  Courses are generally between 12-32 rounds/shots.
  • A strong side non-flimsy holster, such as a Kydex or stiff leather holster (no cross-draw, Miami-Vice shoulder rigs, ankle holsters, soft nylon, etc.)
  • Enough magazine holders to accommodate your magazines on your belt
  • A strong belt
  • Ammunition:  100-150 rounds.  Bring more, you can always take the leftovers home! (9mm, 40 & 45 calibers are available at the club house)

Special Multi-Gun/3 Gun Shoots (as announced):

  • A rifle/carbine with 50-75 rounds  (no slings needed)
  • A shotgun with 50-75 rounds

If you have any questions please email or

Minimum equipment to bring:

Here is a introduction to IDPA video:

Here is a introduction to USPSA video: