April troop box campaign!!!

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Zombie Shoot – Sun, May 20th, 2018

Zombies are coming to SHFC!  If you’ve never shot a Zombie before, here is your chance!

Targets will be steel and paper USPSA. Zombies are brown paper or steel; paper requires one head shot and steel is required to fall. A miss on either means 5 seconds are added to the raw time.

Infected targets are brown and are marked with a red + on the head and require three hits, two must be C or better. A miss creates a walker and you get ten seconds added to your time. White targets are non-infected meals for zombies and are not to be shot; a hit to the white target results in ten seconds added to your time and is called a “wrecked meal.”

A blue marked head target is a bonus target and a hit takes 3 seconds off your time. These are not an easy shot, so the shooter has to decide if the time it takes to hit it will give them a time advantage. 

Please use PractiScore for signup: https://practiscore.com/sparta-hunting-fishing-club-zombie-match/register.  The match is limited to 30 shooters. If full, please put yourself on the wait list, sometimes we get people that drop out.


– Time plus (time plus penalties, time minus bonus points)


– Any SAFE single/double action semi or revolver of any barrel length
– Regular Sights – any type, no optics or lasers
– Not regular sights – any optic or laser

– 8 DIV: No more than 8 rounds loaded at any time.
– 15 DIV: No more than 15 rounds loaded at any time.
– 24 DIV: No more than 24 rounds loaded at any time.
– HEAVY METAL: We here at ZSA want to reward those of you that shoot grown up caliber guns made of walnut and steel.  For our pistol matches, Heavy Metal is .45 ACP (yes, .45 Colt is fine) with a maximum of 6 rounds loaded in mags/moonclips/speed loaders.  Basically, this is for S&W 625 revolvers that many of you have.  This also is for Mr. Browning’s classic 1911.  So, rules are very simple – 6 rounds in loading devices – mags/moonclips/speed loaders, but you may engage “infected” targets with 1 head shot, or, 2 body shots – at least 1 hit of the 2 in “the good” for our 2 gun, rifle/pistol matches.  Pistols must be .45 ACP and no mag capacity limit.

  • Adults:  $20 for non-members, $15 for members
  • Youth: $10
Check-in:  9:30 a.m.
First shots: 10:00 a.m.

NOTE: This match will be during our semi annual SHFC Turkey Shoot/Community Days, so there are other activities for your family.  Check our website as we get closer to the event for details.  A chicken lunch will be available around 12:00 for an additional charge.


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Breakfast Fundraiser!

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Upcoming Hunter Safety Class

Where:  Sparta Hunting & Fishing Club Grounds

13218 Long Lake Dr.

Sparta, MI



Sign Up Days:

  • Thursday April 12th  2-6 pm
  • Sunday April 15th 10am – 4 pm


Class Dates:

  • Monday               Apr 16th 7pm – 9:30 pm
  • Wednesday        Apr 18th 7pm – 9:30 pm
  • Friday                    Apr 20th 7pm – 9:30 pm
  • Saturday              Apr 21th 9am – 1:00 pm




Free Lunch Provided on Saturday

Soda and Snacks Available.


Class Limited to the first 50 Students


Questions Call

Bob 616-678-4173

Or 616-887-8982 Leave Message

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Winter-Blast 2-Gun

If winter has you down, no fear a warm-up is near! I’m putting together a Winter-Blast 2-gun event on Sunday, Feb 18th. It should be balmy 30 degrees or so by then!

There will be 3 divisions :

– Pistol Rifle

– Pistol and Pistol Caliber Carbine

– Heavy Metal (45ACP and .308)

Stages: 3

Price: $15

I’m limiting the match to 16 shooters, so make sure you register early:


I’m also looking for people to help setup, so I’m putting checkboxes on the registration form. On Saturday the 17th I’m looking for a 2 hours of help (4-6pm) to setup walls, on Sunday I need help putting up targets from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. There is a fundraiser breakfast starting at 9:00 a.m. @ the clubhouse, so we can enjoy breakfast there then register at 9:30 a.m. at the clubhouse. Shooting will start at 10:00 a.m.

Call or email with questions!





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Troop Boxes 2017

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