P1000240P1000303Sparta H&F Clubs 3D Course will open to Members and public on May 4th                   

The 3D Course is Open to the Public on Wednesday Nights ONLY.

Archery Night Starts Wednesday May 4th 2016 and runs every Wednesday night thru September 21, 2016. Starting Time is 5:00pm to 6:30pm. If you Shoot 4 Nights you get the 5th Night Free.

Club Members please remember the 3D Course is open on a “Honor System”. Please fill out the envelopes available at the Archery Shack and deposit your daily shooting fee in the drop tube. This fee is used to maintain the course and buy new targets.

3D Course Daily Fees are:
  • Member Single:  $6.00
  • Member Family:  $8.00
  • Non Member Single:  $9.00
  • Non Member Family:  $12.00
  • All Youth 9 to 16 Years of Age:  $3.00

Contact: Sue or Jim Blackall  at 616-887-8771 or archery110@aol.comP1000215

Sparta Hunting and Fishing Club 3-D archery !

Home of the Meijer State Games of Michigan 3-D archery!

Host of the 2017 National State Games of America 3-D archery

Attention:  Only 5 weeks left of 3-d archery course!

Come and tune-up for that one shot that counts in the field.


Bags will be up thru the first week of October, happy hunting.